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magami31's Journal

Franceline Magami31
31 December
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Hi! My name is Franceline but you can call me Magami ^O^ Haha.You want to know my real name? My initial is FMWPDA (not to mention family name). So to save your time, just call me Magami.

What can I say anymore? I'm a daigakusei/ univ.student, and desperately trying to graduate, since my parents already breathing down my neck.
Maybe when you read my journal,I already graduate.
Who knows? Just wish me luck,okay!

I'm a shy girl (LIAR!!),never talked much, melancholy,read alot and so timid,sometimes my family forgot I'm exist.But that's change since I go to college. Now, I like to talk,talk,talk and talk.Like I want to make-up all that silence life.
I like to read novels/books (any kind of reading materials), that's the happiest moments of my life. Just give me any book,and I'll be as silence as a mouse.That's my parents' metode to stop me talking.

The second best are comic (manga) and anime. I read one when I was in junior high school and I'm hooked! I watch anime when I was in high school and......I found my life....
Since then,my life is around or surrounded by manga and anime. Just manga and anime. Just read and watch.

In background efect, my sister yell at me......
"GET A LIFE!!!!!"

And to let her know that I'm trying to lead a "normal" life, I want you all to be my witness, my life journal begin now...